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Re-Ment and Other Foreign Miniatures in 1/6 Scale

Updated March 28, 2016

THIS SECTION OF THE STORE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please email us for availability of these items. Please also check out the miniatures we have listed in our ebay store .

Miniatures are sold in Japan as "surprises" that come with candy or gum. These come in small sealed cardboard boxes that have only the name (in Japanese) of the series and a picture of the regular items in the series. If one purchases an unopened package of the series, one can get all the regular items in the series. There are also "one-offs" or "specials" which may be variations in color, or sometimes entirely different items. Most of the series, especially the initial ones, featured food items. Recent releases have included accessories like cosmetics and purses, household items like appliances and kitchenware, and even office goods. Although most of the items are 1/6-scale and so work well with fashions dolls like Susie, momoko, Jenny, Barbie® and Fashion Royalty, some are more appropriate for the 16-inch dolls. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the rest of the items in each series.

The miniatures from Japan that are for sale have been removed from their individual boxes but are still in their sealed plastic packaging. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the rest of the items in each series. We also offer other miniatures such as Megahouse, Sanrio and Sonata.

We also offer other foreign miniatures that are suitable for display with dolls. These include handmade cakes, fruits, vegetables, potted flowers, bento boxes from Thailand, as well as some refrigerator magnets of crates of wine.